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Family Stories

Learn more about our 5 generations of James Steel's. Each with a humble testimony of Jesus Christ, served missions to share this love of their Savior. Times were not always easy, they did what was asked of them and with the strength of "Steel" to share the Gospel. They were not alone, but were supported by equally as strong family members.

As told to me by Aunt Jennet Fuhriman . . .

Exerpts from the genealogy of our Steel family

A Look Back . . .

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George Steele Letter and Family Information

Five James Steel's serve missions:

James Jordan Steel ~
Father James Chesley "Chez" Steel, Mother Kristine Erickson
Born 7 February 1986, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake county, Utah
Baptized 12 February 1994, by Father James Chesley "Chez" Steel
Logan,Cache county, Utah
To Philippines Bacolod Mission
Set apart: February 2005
Released: 2007

James Jordan Steel
James Chesley "Chez" Steel
Father James Hyrum Steel, Mother Lorraine Gloria Krausz
Born 31 May 1959, in Rexburg, Madison County, Idaho
Baptized 3 June 1967, by Father James Hyrum Steel
Parker Ward, Fremont county, St Anthony, Idaho Stake (created Jan 1974)
To Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Mission
Set apart: 12 July 1978 by President Robert Smith
Released: August 1980

James Hyrum Steel
Father James Hamilton Steel, Mother Myrtle Pearl Oakey
Born 12 March 1932, Plano, Madison county, Idaho
Baptized 03 August 1940 by Father James Hamilton Steel
Plano Ward, Madison county, North Rexburg Stake
To Western Canadian Mission (headquarters at Edmonton, Alberta);
Set apart: May 1956 by Sterling W. Sill
Released: May 1958

Also to California San Bernardino, with Lorraine
Set apart: September 1994 by President Larry L.Thurgood
Released: March 1996 by President Larry Thurgood
Resided in Parker Ward, Fremont county, St Anthony, Idaho Stake

James Hyrum Steel
James Hamilton Steel
Missionary registers – CR 301 22 Reel 2, Book D, page 237 entry 60
Father James Steel, Mother Agnes E. Hemsley
Born 16 January 1898, Plano, Madison county, Idaho
Baptized 27 May 1906 by John W. Hymas
Plano Ward, Fremont county (at that date) Idaho, Fremont Stake
To Northern States Mission (headquarters at Chicago, Illinois)
Set apart: 8 April 1919 by Richard R. Lyman
Released: 28 February 1921

James Hamilton Steel
James Steel, Jr.
Missionary register – CR 301 22 Reel 1, Book C, pg. 93 Entry 172
Father James Steel, Mother Jane Mair or (Moir)
Born 17 September 1868, Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland
Baptized 12 Aug 1877 by Moroni L. Pratt
Present residence – Hiatt, Fremont, Idaho (Plano now)
To Northwestern States Mission (Idaho, Oregon, Washington area)
Set apart: 26 March 1899 by John Henry Smith
Released: 29 November 1900
James Hamilton Steel

As told to me by Aunt Jennet Fuhriman . . .  

In January 1997, James Hyrum Steel wrote a Steel family history from details and records shared with him by his Aunt Jennet Steel Fuhriman. Click to read the rest of the story . . .


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Exerpts from the genealogy of our Steel family  
JAMES STEEL, b. 22 Sep 1837, Galston, Ayr, Scotland; d. 24 Jul 1913, Plano, Madison, Idaho; m. (1) MARY CLEMENTS, 1855; b. 1839, Galston, Ayr, Scotland; d. 05 Sep 1860, Galston, Ayr, Scotland; m. (2) JANE MAIR, 06 Mar 1861, Galston, Ayr, Scotland; b. 15 Feb 1829, Galston, Ayr, Scotland; d. 02 May 1893, Plano, Madison, Idaho.

James Steel and his father emigrated in 1869 and came straight on to Salt Lake City. In 1883 James moved his family to Idaho, visiting Agnes in Cache County on the way.

Little is known of James Steel from the time he was 14 until he was 19, at which time he married Mary Clement. Certainly he had to get out and help support the family. At the time he married he was a soldier. He told of being in the Queen's Guard. Queen Victoria spent most of her summers at her summer palace in Edinburgh. She had a select guard here of highlanders over six foot tall. James was 6'2". When he enlisted or was released is not known. Only that it is known that he was working in the coal mines after his second marriage. He mentioned to mother what long hours he had worked and how rarely he had seen his children. They were asleep when he went to work and to bed before he ever got home again. That is probably one reason he loved to care for the kids.

In 1860 when 23 years of age he was left a widower with two little girls, Jane, 3 years old and Elizabeth, 5 days old. He found Mrs. Mair to be a wet nurse to the baby. One year later he married her daughter, Jane. She went into the family and took care of them all, including great grandfather Hamilton.

In 1867 James, his wife, and father were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Two years later, having saved enough money for their boat fares, he sailed for New York. In his family were five children, the youngest, James, being 1 year old. His father who was 73 years old accompanied him. They were planning on stopping in Boston to work for awhile with his brother, George, in the ship yards. By this means he hoped to save money for their transportation across the United States. George had been in the United States several years. When he got to New York the church explained the emigration fund to him, so he came direct to Zion. George was quite angry because they didn't visit him.

They settled in Sugar House and James went to work in the granite quarry to repay the Church what he had borrowed. From 1869 when they entered Salt Lake Valley until he went to Idaho in 1883 he continued in this work. The granite he helped cut were used in the construction of the Salt Lake Temple.

In June 1878 his father, Hamilton, at the age of 82 died of infection in his leg.

In the spring of 1883, he with Hemsley, went to Idaho to look at the gentile valley area with plans to settle there. While visiting with sister Agnes Baker, they were told of the upper snake river area where Ricks' from Logan had gone. They changed their mind and came to the upper snake river area. They went to Mud Lake, then east to Rexburg. The bridge was out so they started up the west bank looking for a place to ford. While camping one evening he liked the looks of the sage brush and the feel of the soft soil running through his fingers. Soil that could raise such big sage brush should also raise food, so they never got to Rexburg.
He returned to Salt Lake City, sold all his property and outfitted his family, then consisting of a wife, one son and one daughter. He also bought teams and wagons and helped supply them for the two married daughters, their husbands and families, who were also going to Idaho to try their luck in a new land project. The oldest daughter Jane Hemsley, and husband were offered the same help but refused. He deeded the cemetery lot in Salt Lake to them instead.

It took three weeks to make the trip. On the way some of the stock were stolen by the Indians, they paid to get them back.

Near the first of September they arrived on the Egin Bench and commenced to build houses. Each of the men took up a quarter section. It took hard work to fight the desert and bring canals onto its hungry surface. The results were rapid and equaled the dreams he had of it. I believe it would be well to relate here that he got angry at a bull owned by a non-Mormon and killed it with his pitchfork. As a result, the man was going to sue him and take his holdings. James rode all night to beat the man to Blackfoot and transferred his land to his son, James. Later when mother died, he again transferred all holdings to his son. That is how his estate became his son's.

When his son James died, his daughter in Salt Lake City and the one in California both offered him a home for life, but no, he said he would stay and help Agnus with the farms.

James Steel died 24 July 1913 at age 76. Many stories could be told of his later life which would be very interesting to the coming generation. He was a tall, stern, kindly man. He loved his family, especially the children.  Burial: 27 July 1913 at Parker, Fremont, Idaho.

(This account was written by Janet Steel Fuhriman, daughter of James and Agnes Steel while she lived in Salt Lake City. The most part of the information was contributed by her mother while she was alert and could relate it clearly.)

Notes for JANE MAIR:
From Robert JS Mair--Jane/Janet Mair recorded in the 1841 and 1851 Census records.Records show that Jane was a home loam weaver living at the "Old Manse" in Galston.  Christening: 02 Mar 1830.

A Look Back in the Events in the lives of James Hyrum Steel and Lorraine Gloria Krausz


This is 26 December 1972 and Jim and I feel the need to write brief notes of special events that have happened to us in our marriage. We have tried to make it a tradition in our life  on earth to create a "SPECIAL EVENT" for each year. As it nears the end of another year, and almost to begin a new chapter in our book of life, it gives us time to think about  the wonderful events of the past and to dream and imagine what the Lord has in store for us in the future years.


Would like to start here, for without this event, we would not be a  eternal family. This is the year James Hyrum Steel  (Jim) as I will   refer to him, was called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus    Christ of  Latter Day Saints and was called to Western Canadian  Mission in May.


One day I must write about is the heart breaking story that drew me away way from my family in Canada, my father disowned me for two year  and how I moved to Medicine Hat  Alberta Canada and went to work  for Alberta Government Telephone Co and on 2 June 1957  was  baptized  a member of the church by the missionaries.  After  joining  the church on 2 of June 1957, I met Jim and his companion Elder Unthank  for the first time in October 1957 at the telephone office in Medicine Hat, as they came to pay the phone bill left by the past Elders. (Jim Says that I had my hand out for money that day and still do).


Jim was released from his mission in May and his wonderful parents  came to Calgary to pick him up, and on their way home to Idaho they stopped in Lethbridge Alberta for breakfast. That is where I was working  for  AGT in the district office. So I met his folks and they left for home, but Jim & I shook hands and it was an electrical shock for both.   Later that summer in July Jim came to Canada with his cousin JC Steel to go to Calgary Stampede  and he asked me to be his date. 5 July  we   were engaged to be married for Eternity, and very much in Love. It was as if God took the two of us by the hand and said you were meant for each other.  13 August 1958 we were married in Idaho Falls Temple .


We were able to buy a two bedroom mobile home 8' X 40' for $3500.  We each had $1000.00 in savings to put down and payments were   $66.00 a month.  To our first home our Heavenly Father saw fit to send one of His spirits  to us to rear and return  to Him. This event to  was 1959, after 5 days and nights of labor, was quite a struggle to bring our first son into the world. We were very happy parents.  His  name James Chesley Steel 5 pounds 7 ounces, 18 inches long, named after his father, which makes 5 generations of a James Steel. Chesley  after  Bishop Chesley Peirson which Jim and I both know  and love   dearly in Calgary, Alberta Canada.


Just 13 months to the day later our Heavenly Father had the wisdom to send another spirit to help teach us how to be parents, as well as teach the values of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Had we chose a spirit it would have been a girl, but the Lord was much wiser, sent us a   choice, big bouncing boy on 1960 he was 9 pounds 1 ounce  and 22 inches long. We named him Bret K Steel, initial K for my  maiden name Krausz, and Bret was a famous western hero on a TV series at the time, Bret Maverick.Chesley and Bret have been such   good brothers, companions and friends. We would never have wanted  it any other way.


Was a very brave year for us, we ventured building our home, we  bought a Trophy pre-built home, built in 8' sections and our whole house was delivered on a 10 wheeler semi truck. They pulled in July and in five days had the shell of the house up. By 22 August  we had to move our belongings out of the trailer, as they had a buyer.   So we moved into our new home. It was not all fun, as we had only  2X4 partitions, no running water, no indoor bathroom, no kitchen cabinets. But we were SO happy. We had our first major lesson  about the meaning of .financial worries. They took the trailer as down payment, we agreed to pay $4500.00 on our home from our spud crop. Well we gambled and  lost. As our spuds froze in the pit that year and we got a  grand total of  $600.00 from our crop. To make a long story short, we had to re finance our farm, we lived through it . It was a BIG problem for us but  we learned to turn to the Lord and to appreciate each other more. We  were blessed to be well and had our little family. We have always  loved our home. Thankful for it.            


In May I went to work for Remington's and cut spuds for them for two weeks and earned  over $100.00, paid my tithing and still had $100.00   left. So Jim & I drove our little VW and went to Seattle Washington to the World's Fair we had a truly great time, even though we slept in  our car and one night we both got really homesick for our little boys  that were with Jim's parents,  I think both  of us shed a tear or two before sleep came to us that night.


Our first daughter was born 1963  8 pounds 3 ounces and   20 inches long, we named her Kami Steel. Needless to say, you would of thought we were the only people in Idaho that  were lucky enough to  have a girl, as happy as we were over that event. We had her name  picked out for some time before she was born. We saw Kami in the  newspaper and really liked the name, hope she likes it too.


The happy event this year is Jim and I went to Calgary Alberta to the     Stampede with Kent and Alda Remington. We slept in our sleeping   bags under the stars and tried not to spend too much money, for we did not have it to spend, but had such fun. The children  Chesley,  Bret   and Kami stayed with Jim's folks.


Each year you do many things that are just quite routine and must be   done, but the highlight for "65" was when the school district asked Jim  to go by train to Mount Pleasant Iowa to drive home a new bus.Steel's  drove us to Pocatello where we got on the train, we had a nice train ride  it was so relaxing, not to worry about driving or following a road map.  We got to Mount Pleasant and took a tour of the Blue Bird bus factory,  they let us drive a courtesy car for a day and we went to Nauvoo Ill to  see the highlights of church history.We saw parts of 8 states on that trip  was exciting for me.We have always looked back on that as a special  trip. We also had an invite to see Joe and Connie Smith in California  for Thanksgiving. So in November we flew to see them, which really  made Jim happy as he has wanted me to see California ever since we   have been  married. Jim loves that state very much. He spent 31/2  years in the US Navy in California out of the four years in the  Navy.


Jim can recall how hard he worked that summer to build his A frame     spud pit, so he would not have to haul our spuds the 12 miles to his  parents spud pit.  In October 1966 Jim and I went with Mom & Dad  Krausz on a trip to San Fransico Calif to see the sights. That was a  real treat for me, as this was my first trip with my parents. It was great. Appreciate Jim's mom & dad for taking care of our family. They are  wonderful grandparents.


This was the year Dad Krausz felt he had a few things in his life to put in order. So he bought and gave me and Peggy a home in Medicine Hat my home is at 260 Muir Cresent, and Peggy's home is at 160 Mitchell Cresent, and mom and dad moved into their house at 80 12St NW in Medicine Hat. Of course we never lived in our home we rented it out. It was a thoughtful gift, and fun to know he wanted us to have it while  he was still alive. (Years later we sold our house, as we could not be there to care for it). We also went to Gates of the Mountains in Montana with  Dad Steel's camper and our family, Mom and dad Krausz and  Peggy and Neil. Glad we went.


Everyone was happy about this year's event. Our fourth child, a girl was born 1968 on a Wednesday morning at 6:15 AM and she weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long. We named her Cozette Steel. Dr Barrott carried her around  in the delivery  room saying what a beautiful child she was. Sure made us proud parents The only thing wrong was she was born the day before Thanksgiving so Cozette and I spent the day in the hospital, while the rest of the family  went to grandma Steel's house for the big dinner. We really didn't mind. Cozette's name was found at a wedding Jim & I went to in September before she was born, met a girl named Cozette Peterson,she was so  pretty and had such a sweet smile, we wanted our girl to be a very  special spirit and hope she will always keep her name pure and sweet. We were all  happy to have a girl, makes our family complete, 2 boys and 2 girls.


Have tried to be a good wife and mother all the years we've been  married and have worked part time about five years for Mountain Bell telephone company. Our major decision came this year on 15 December  when we turned to the Lord and fasted and prayed to know if we should  let Lorraine work full time. So since that day I worked for Ma Bell  and  still have a great desire to be a good wife and mother. We took all  our family and drove  to Salt Lake for a week to enjoy each other before I went to work.


Jim bought his parents farm in Plano 20 October 1970 for $30,000.00  for 60 acres, only farm ground  (Jim got the pit when his parents died). Each year now I take one week of my vacation in June with the children, and one week in the fall so Jim & I can have time together. This year we  went to Lexington Nebraska to see Janis and Glenn Tucker and their kids  as they are our dearest friends. They have done so many things for us  over the years they lived here. Janis often took the place of my mother  when I had babies. I do love and appreciate her for that.


Had a very exciting year it seemed. We went home to Canada to see my        parents in May as we usually do for memorial day week-end, this has  almost become tradition to hurry and get spuds planted , so we can go to  Canada for the long week-end. Came home and Terry and Louis Tonge  and children came to visit from Calgary.  Bret got ready to attend 4H  camp the same week, and I was busy baking 300 to 400 cookies for the  big 50th Anniversary of Steel's. Mom and Dad Steel had many doubts   about an open house, but so many friends and family came that  they   talked about it for years later. We will always remember that special day in their lives. I really loved them. In November  Jim & I flew to Las Angeles to see Joe and Connie Smith.


We had a fun trip  Feb 1972 on our snow machines and went into Yellowstone National  Park with Kent and Alda Remington, Cliff & Norma Parker and a gang of others. So glad we were able to see the beautiful sights and enjoy this winter sport. What Fun. Sold our house in Canada and when we got some of the money on the  deal we  re did our house in Parker for the big event of the year. No big trip this year- But we did a lot of fun camping just a few miles   from our house.We all drove to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving, ate out,  stayed in a motel, just had fun, went to a Hockey game as a family  and had a wonderful time with each other. We were all home for  Christmas holidays. We got new carpet and pad for the living room hall, kitchen as well as utility room. Bright pink carpet for the bath room. Bought a new couch and love seat for our house. We   got a    beautiful queen size bed in our bedroom and Meditreanian furniture  to match "Isabella"  nicer than anything either of us ever had in our life   time. Also redid Kami and Cozette's room this year. Got them new  white beds, painted the room red white and blue with curtains and bed  spreads to match, and Chesley is quite a good artist, he designed an  uncle Sam  for their wall. We just love our home!  


This year as all others has been an exciting and eventful year. For my  week vacation in June our family did quite a few things together,  went camping, swimming at Lava Hot Springs, than went to West  Yellowstone to see the Playmill Theater, and at the end of the week  it rained, so we took the pick up and camper and drove to Canada to see  my parents. we did all this in one week. ready to go back to work for a rest.Ha.  Than in September 1973  I was made Business Office Supr. BOS and went to work in the Rexburg office, what a shock to my system  Also this is the year of the energy crisis, so a lot of worry about getting  gas for our crops etc.


Earlier this year, March in fact Jim & I had the fun of going to Las Vegas Nevada in Kent's small plane with the Young Women Stake Board and husbands. How great it is to have great fiends like Kent & Alda Remington and  Cliff & Norma Parker. We saw good shows like Paul Anka and Burt Bacharach.  July 1974 we had a fireplace built in our home and hauled wood from up country with our friends Lincoln & Marsha Park. Cost a little over $1,000.00 to put the fire place in. We are enjoying it and felt it was well  worth it.(plus Santa will have a way to get in now). Went to Canada twice this year,once in May for our usual  trip and again in September as my favorite aunt Freida Trekofski died. I am so glad we were able to go home for her services, and see family  and her children Larry and Clarie.  Than in October 1974 Jim & I drove to California to Joe & Connie Smith and the next day flew to Hawaii  with Smith's on a 747 jet. What a thrill. Cost Jim & I $712.00 for  both of us on a Trade Winds tour, that paid our flight and our rooms  for 7 nights and 8 days on 2 Islands. This was a dream come true for both of us!


Got through the winter, got our crops in and went to Canada for the  Memorial Day weekend in May. Had a good trip and was good to see family.  Then as of June 1 I requested to go back as service rep with Ma Bell from BOS position, because of problems with the manager.  In June  Jim was called  to work in Stake Sunday School with Clifton Parker Pres and Kent Remington, after he had been finance clerk in Parker ward for 6 years.  In September went to Canada again as my aunt Pearl died, the  youngest of my mothers sisters. Our main trip for the year was in the fall  Jim & I Kami and Cozette drove to the Ocean went to Portland Oregon,  Salem, Newport Beach we did have a wonderful trip We all love the  ocean. 


Bicentennial Year of our country.  12 Mar 1976 Jim & I went to Mexico with Remington's, George Crapo's, Brainard's, Curly Angel's, Browning's, and Parker's for 3 days. And would you believe it the pilot   left us in   Phoenix Arizona quite a story to that trip. Chesley went on a America Heritage Program to Washington DC, New  York city, Philadelphia, for 8 days in March 1976 with the high school.  Bret went on a similar trip in October 1976, he was not near as    impressed with the whole trip as Chesley was. It was OK.  5 June 1976 was the tragic day of the Teton Dam Flood. Also was Paul  and Kristie Callon's wedding day, we were in the Idaho falls temple.  October 1976 Bought the Hezel house in St Anthony 108 W 4th N as an  investment.     Sept 1976 I was called as Stake Sunday School secretary.


Had a wonderful event in February, I quit my job at Mountain Bell after 12 years of service, and I know now what Hell on Earth is,as that is  what the last three years have been at Ma Bell. It's a mafia!  22 Feb   went to work for JR Simplot in St Anthony as a unit clerk, it was a job. In May the  Stake  Sunday  School Presidency Kent Remington, Jim Steel George   Crapo.    Bret broke his leg in June 1977 while  on a cattle drive and  spent a painful summer.    July Jim and I went on a fishing trip to   Canoe Lake. Had more than a wonderful time with my parents, I will  never forget that trip.   Sept 24  Chesley was made an Elder in the LDS   church.   Dec  Jim & I bought a new Toyota Celica and drove to Calif  to Joe & Connie Smith's 25  Anniversary.   1977 What a year, can we  get this year over? Bret broke his leg in June, Mom Krausz had a bad  fall in March, Jim had a truck wreck with Crapo's truck and totaled a   truck.    Mom Steel fell and broke an arm and a leg.   Chesley had a   hernia operation during Thanksgiving in Nov, and all four wisdom teeth  pulled at Christmas. What else?


Due to Bret's broken leg, he ran out of money to buy hay and sold his     cows - It was a sad day.    May Chesley got his mission call to Penn  he left 13 July.    By 16 July  Bishop Gibbons called me to be Relief   Society President of Parker Ward.  By September I quit my job for  money and went to work full time for the Lord. The blessings were  great.   We got our Fisher Stove.    Bret was made an Elder, good news.


Bret got his mission call 2 June 1979 to Concepcion Chili, he left 26  July, and flew out of SLC on my 41st birthday 24 September. December, my sister Peggy married Jim Hieb, we went to Canada for Christmas and Cozette got the chicken pox. Parker Ward had 10  funerals  this year.


In May Jim was hired by U S Post Office in Ashton on rural route. - What a huge blessing.  We have prayed for Jim to have a job not so physical.
June -  Sold the Hezel house, actually made some money, - glad that is sold.
July - Chesley was picked for Hill Cumorah Pageant, delayed his coming home.
August 5  Chesley arrived home from his mission. Had a great mission.
August 7 Cozette broke her leg in three places on a motor bike accident with Jill Crapo, was in hospital from Thursday  to Saturday.
Mom and Dad Steel were in our home for a week in September as mom fell and hurt her leg , needed help.
September 16 Dad Krausz died in the hospital in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. I made three trips to Canada in one month.  Has been a hectic year.


22 February 1981 Jim was sustained as Bishop of Parker Ward. He and I served together as Bishop and Relief Society President for one month, I was released on 22 March 1981, and Faye Norris was sustained.
26 July 1981 Bret flew home from his mission from Concepcion, Chili. It was wonderful to have him home.


Big event in all of our lives was our first wedding in the family. Kami and Paul Baker were married 1982, and her dad had the honor of marrying them at  the Parker church. It was very beautiful- Chesley and Bret were some of her waiters.

15 December 1982  Jim's mother Myrtle Pearl Oakey Steel passed away in our home. Many spiritual experiences related to her death took place at our home.


13 February 1983 Chesley and Bret took cash money of Jim's to Salt Lake City and bought their dad his first new white Subaru car. They had fun doing that. They had $4000.00 cash in their pockets. What  memories.
Dad Steel died after weeks of faith and prayers on his behalf, 28 May 1983 in St Anthony, Idaho hospital. Jim Cozette and I were with him, he uttered  every word of the Lord's Prayer minutes before he died.
Wedding bells rang for Chesley and Kristine Erickson in Salt lake City Utah 1983  and we had an open house  here in Idaho in August.

Jim and I have been married 25 years on 13 August, no time for celebrations.

Next I drove to Canada alone for Mom Krausz had 65 th  birthday part- It was a BASH.
12 September Lorraine had major surgery in Idaho Falls Hospital. Went  well.
Built on Sun room (front porch) for $2000.00 Bill  Forbush did the  work.
Remodeled Chesley & Bret's room into a den and sewing room $2000.00. 


Had a record breaking winter.
Got a new well -Water Supply after having a shallow 14 foot well all these years.
Parker Ward celebrated 100 years of being a ward on 4 July 1984 - Under Jim's direction as Bishop, printed a beautiful book,  It was the social event of the year!


Jim finally got a new two car garage for a cost of $5500.00 and I must say he is certainly enjoying it. He needs a place to park his car to go on mail route in Ashton six days a week.
I spent the summer  remodeling our master bedroom in pink, grey, and burgundy.


Jim and I are finally grandparents. What a thrill.  James Jordan and Christopher Blake Steel were born to Chesley and Kris Steel in Salt Lake City Utah.   To get twins was worth the wait.
20 April 1986  Jim was released as Bishop of Parker Ward. He served well.
May we bought new brown carpet and furniture for the living room. Nice.
September Jim got a new Burgundy Subaru for his mail car.
October  had a Lifetime Highlight..... Went on a Princess (Love Boat) Cruise to Mexico for 8 days and seven nights  We loved it. We are spoiled.


We have waited a very long time for this event. 1987 Cache Baker was born to Kami and Paul Baker in Rexburg Idaho. 7 pounds and 4 ounces and 21 inches long. We are happy.


Caribbean Cruise on the M-S Caribe for our 30 th anniversary . A gift from all of our children. What a shock? But wonderful. Dream come true.
Remodeled main bathroom and made a 1/2 bathroom in the master bedroom cost us $2000.00   But a much needed change.


On  1989  Cozette and Tyler Freckleton were married in Parker Ward by Bishop George Crapo.
Summer of 89 got all new kitchen cabinets for $4000.00  I love them.

Spencer Hamilton Steel was born, that makes 4 grandsons.
In October we went on a nice trip to Oregon, to be near the ocean.


Kami and Paul gave birth to Logan Paul Baker.
Cozette and Tyler have a boy Colton Wilford Freckleton.
New windows in 3 bedrooms cost $1300.00
August Jim paid $5000.00 down for a "Pivot" in Plano. Than 31 December 1990 Jim paid another $17,000.00 on Plano pivot before the end of the year for tax reasons. This is a lot of money.  Hard to do this.
Jim got Burgundy mail car Subaru Legacy $12,500.00  he puts like 160 miles on a day.


March  we painted Cozette's old bedroom blue, looks nice.
June  went on a fun trip with Janis and Glenn Tucker for a week, had a great time. Stayed in a condo they arranged for all four of us.
Summer - Built a deck on the front and the back of the house, sure adds to the value of our home.  Looks nice.


Had our second granddaughter Katelyn Steel  8 pounds 6 ounces 21 inches long, to Chez and Kris Steel.
Cozette and Tyler had their boy "Carson James Freckleton".  Cozette, Tyler, Colton and Carson were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. What a blessing for them and each of us.
Mom Krausz has ovarian cancer, I have made five trips to Canada this year, brought her to our home several times to help her in her really sick times.
Jim and Lorraine got  a computer cost us $1200.00 but am doing Family History on it.
All of the trees in our yard got a hair cut for the price of $800.00
Jim and Lorraine went to Redmond Oregon for 1 week  with Tuckers .
All 19 of our family were together in Jackson Wyoming for Thanksgiving day, but Carson was sick and ended up in the hospital in Jackson, very serious.
November Jim bought Black Legecy Subaru for $10,000.00  even.


Bought the "Pivot" for the Parker farm for a cost of $50,000.00 but we can at least say it is paid for, but we can also say we are broke.
My mother Nora Irene Sturm Krausz died 27 June 1993 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. I made six trips to Canada this year, many alone. Was hard.
Mercedes K Baker born. Very Happy.
Jim and I flew to Tuscon Arizona for a week on tickets Cozette gave us from the airline, we needed the rest. Thanks.


Jim retired 1 July 1994 from the US Postal Service.
By 30 September we were on our way to a wonderful mission for the church to San Bernardino California. We would be lying if we didn't say how hard it was to leave our family.
Bret was in a terrible propane explosion, could have been killed, was in burn center for 10 days, at $3600.00 a day. We felt our being on a mission saved his life. We were blessed, and thank Sue for the wonderful care she gave him.


Mission memories, and lots of hard work, but far more blessings.
Kendra Steel was born, it was happy, but it hurt not to be there with them.
Landon Freckleton was born to Cozette and Tyler, again I had to cry to know we had a grandchild while we were on a mission and I could not be there to help. They managed just fine with out our help.


Jim and I arrived home from a great mission-  got to see all our family.
Cache Baker waited to be baptized when we got home, that was a treat.
Trip to Europe with Cami Steel 12 June did 4 countries in 10 days.
June we were set apart as Stake missionaries.
Bret and Sue are building a brand new home in  Sandy Utah.
Chez and Kris and family are moving from Logan to South Ogden  in November.
We got new vertical blinds in living room for $550.00
Gift of "O Jerusalem" Limited edition Oil Painting by Greg Olsen from Bret, Sue and Cami.
Jim spent over $20,000.00 for Plano pit repairs, that needed done.
Temple trip to Las Vegas Nevada with Vickie Bant, what a thrill!
Temple trip with John Schroeder Las Angeles California in October.
20 September 1996 Edna Steel died of cancer, Louis is one sad man.
Very Hectic Year.


Jim and I invited James and Jonone Richards from our mission to travel to Hope Idaho and stay in our condo, had a pleasant trip, blizzard.
Shelley and Joe Eder were married September in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we went to the wedding. Jim was already having EAR trouble.
Bret and Sue found a beautiful house in Logandale Nevada and we want to stay there in the winter so we paid $20,000.00 towards a down payment, what a great deal for us. To get Jim out of the severe winters with his health problems.
Cozette and Tyler are expecting a boy in March 1998 but are having a real problem pregnancy. What is ahead?
We went to Logandale Nevada for the first winter, and love it, Kami and Paul and children came to visit. Chez and Kris also came to visit us in Nevada.


Dustin Walter Freckleton came to earth , but came two and a half months early. Dustin weighs three pounds and three ounces, but he is a fighter. He came with lots of health problems, heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs.  We drove to Salt Lake to see Dustin and be with Cozette and Tyler.
February  Jordan and Blake were made deacons, and we were not able to be there, it was  a hard day.
March  Jim had ear surgery,in St George, Utah, a skin cyst removed, and the very same day Dustin was in Salt Lake City utah having heart surgery. Talk about stress.
12 August  Louis and Thelma Steel  were married in Idaho falls Temple for time.
Jim bought a 1996 Honda station wagon, in Logan Utah in August.
15 August al of our family put together a great party for our 40th wedding anniversary, at Bret and Sues home in Sandy Utah. was wonderful, had lots of family pictures taken, good food, and such a unique program, each family displayed their talents. What a great family we have.
August we drove our Honda car to Portland Oregon for a Ship being Commissioned, and Phillip Quayle sent us an invite. Jim was thrilled to the core, being an old Navy man himself.
I worked at Nellie Stephens up above Ashton for two days a week.
From Logandale Nevada we drove with Richards to Brandson Mo in December, saw some neat shows.


Dustin has already had Eye Surgery this year, than a liver biopsy, but good news, he does not need a Liver transplant, as was thought) we have had a miracle.  Also a feeding tube was put in his stomach.
28 April 1999  Jim had open Heart surgery in Salt Lake City Utah at LDS hospital, put 2 new valves  in and repaired the third one.
December  Cache Baker was ordained a deacon.  Great!


February  Katelyn Steel was baptized by her father in Albuquerque New Mexico, we were there to see her, was great.
April 20  we got new pink carpet in our master bedroom in Idaho and painted the walls and the ceiling, cost about $400.00 for the works, but it is clean and nice.
Louis and Thelma Steel a mission call to Martin’s Cove in Wyoming, we are very happy for them, even a part of us wish it was us.
Had a TEMPLE  trip to Canada in May 2000  went to Cardston Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, and Regina Saskatchewan, what a wonderful trip:
June -Joe and Connie Smith (Jim’s Navy buddy from 49 years ago came to visit.
Bret had terrible wreck on his Pilot on the sand hills, Jim and Craig gave him a priesthood  blessing, he could have been killed, we were blessed. 
Jim wanted and got a new green leather chair, cost over $500.00 and a new 27 inch TV for $270.00, he is a happy camper. Plus I got a new $200.00 screen door for our back door, that was great for me.
August 2000  Carson James Freckleton was baptized, he was so excited, we are happy for him.
August 2000 Lorraine got a nice new computer and a larger monitor, I am HAPPY:
October drove to New Mexico to Balloon Fiesta to be with Chez and Kris and children, wonderful event:
Peggy and Shelley flew into Las Vegas , and the four of us drove to see Grand Canyon, it was snow and cold but a great trip.
BIG NEWS for 2000   Kami Paul were sealed in Idaho Falls temple, we only waited patiently for 18 years, but it was well worth the wait, than Cache , Logan, and Mercedes were sealed to them. We thank you for a most wonderful day.  Chez and Kris flew in and Cozette and Tyler came from Utah.


Ray & Carol Oakey came to stay with us overnight in Nevada on the way home from their temple mission to Eastern Canada.
Beth and Mardell Oakey came to see us this winter in Nevada as well. Great to see cousins.
Put in a new WINDOW in the Sun Room that opens up and gives us air, cost near $400.00
New water PUMP for the ditch at the cost of $300.00 Have drought conditions, sure helped water the yard.
Susan and Vaughn Evans from Logandale, Nevada stayed several days in a fifth wheel, was fun.
Our whole family was together at our house 22 July 2001 and we had Spencer Hamilton Steel ordained a deacon by his father “Chez” What a great day.
Bret and Sue brought me a brand new NECCHI sewing machine, I am so spoiled.but I love it, thanks!
Jim felt the need to get phemonia this summer, not fun, he lost about 7 pounds.
1 September 2001 we were able flying out of Salt Lake City to Seattle they picked us up Cruise West and put us up on the ship.  Cruised to Alaska , a dream come true. Plus I caught several Salmon, and had 5 shipped home, I screamed a lot.
30 Sept Sunday at 3;15 AM Jim had a grand mall seizure, had to be taken to Madison Memorial by ambulance, had double pnumonia , sinus infection, a crushed vertarea on T7, had a glue job 30 October called a Vertiboplasty, never saw him in so much pain, Jim not allowed to drive for 6 months. He has a very tall steep mountain to climb, dropped in weight to 128 pounds, before we started to improve.


Jim and I spent the winter in Logandale Nevada, but was a very quiet winter, was 3 months after the seizure before we ever got a session done at the temple. Lots of back pain.
1 April 2002 Darius Steel died ; He was buried in Plano, Madison, Idaho
27 June 2002 Jim and I flew to New Mexico to be with Jordan and Blake Steel as they became EAGLE SCOUTS. Awesome! Also attended the Navuo Temple dedication with Chez and Kris and family, on the day and hour that Prophet Joseph Smith was killed by the mob.
27 October 2002 Anna Harrison Steel (Darius wife died) She was buried in Plano, Madison Idaho on 1 November 2002 (7 months to the day from the day Darius died); 
November 2002 Colton Freckleton was ordained a DEACON in Kaysville Utah by his father Tyler, we came to Utah for the special event in his life.


Special Events for the year;
Very PROUD of my husband Jim, as he agreed to write his personal history this year, we also had many “slides” made into 5X7 photo’s and made Jim and each of our four children a book of memories with Jim’s life history in it.

1 February 2003 Jim and I flew to New Mexico to see Kendra Steel baptized by her father James Chesley (Chez) Steel how special, her sister and three brothers gave all the talks and prayers.   Plus Jordan and Blake turned 17 years old during the week.

28 April 2003 bought a new dark gray Toyota Camry in Salt Lake City at Larry H. Miller’s place for less than $14,000.00. Has 27 miles on it. We are thrilled! Jim loves the fancy wheels, they did not cost us any extra. Used out Costco card. That was the good news;
Bad news is by 27 May 2003 we get the news that Jim has Prostate Cancer, so a new trial to work through, If God brings you to it, HE will bring you through it”! We are certainly learning the A B C’s “A” for all about life...”B” for birth...”C” for Cancer... “D” for death... “E” for Eternity!
June 2003 Peggy and Shelley came to visit for one week. They love shopping! And good food.
18 September 2003 Kami’s divorce  is FINAL, brings us to reality!
21 September 2003 James Chesley “Chez” Steel was sustained as 1st counselor in Albuquerque New Mexico, how we wished to be there. Our hearts were with you.

November 2003 Landon Freckleton was baptized by his father Tyler. We were able to drive to Salt Lake to be with him for that special event in his life, he got his “Baptizm Book” that I have made for each child .

December 2003 Greg Brown came to the house in Parker and trimmed our doors and windows with siding, Saffit and facia cost less than $3,000.00 so thankful to not have to paint all that trim again.


January 2004 Jed Stoddard came to the Parker place and tore out the old bridge and installed a new long “culvert” cost us $1200.00 Worth every penny. Thanks.

We arrived in Logandale Nevada early in October 2003, so we actually stayed a full seven months, the longest we have ever stayed at the “Southhouse”.
May 2004 Jim and I drove to Albuquerque New Mexico to see Jordan and Blake Steel graduate from high school. What a great event. We made the drive in two days, to be better for Jim. He did fine. This all took place Mothers Day May 9th.

May 2004 in Idaho Logan Baker was ordained a “Teacher” by his father Paul Baker. Sorry we were not there with Logan.

24 May 2004 Jim had cateract removed from his left eye, really bothered him this winter. It is done.

May 2004 we invested in a new queen size mattress for our bed, cost just over $400.00. Also bought a new “Hoover” vacuum for $180.00. Needed that item.
June 2004 a trip to see Peggy Dawson in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, have not been to Canada in four years.
July is Jim’s favorite time of the year to get phemonia for the third time.He has been very sick, had scopes, bone density and Cat Scan of stomach . Also saw a lung specialist and he has a large mass on his left lung, not sure where this will take us.

Painted both decks with a coat of PRIME and two coats of paint. Hope it holds up for a while.

August 2004 Carson James Freckleton was ordained a “Deacon” in the true church.We were very blessed to be with him.

Had the CARPETS cleaned this summer, $85.00 Feels great. I am very pleased!!


Chez and Kris and Jordan, Blake, Spencer, Katelyn and Kendra came to see us in Nevada, we will not be seeing Jordan and Blake for the next two years, we will be praying for them.

Had FLOOD waters came to Logandale Nevada, middle of January, we were actually evacuated from the house, but were blessed with NO water down our street.

Near the end of January we drove to New Mexico to be with Chez and Kris as Jordan and Blake had their sacrament meeting prior to leaving on missions, what a very special event. But even more wonderful was a meeting held in Steel’s home after church and each person was given a chance to take a few minutes to bear testimony. No one that was there will ever forget the spirit in that room that very day! I drove every mile back to Logandale NV. on the way home.

Blake is going to serve his two years in Spanish speaking Boston Mass mission. Blake entered the MTC in Provo, Utah 9 February 2005. He flew out of Salt Lake to Boston 13 April 2005;

Jordan will serve in the Bacalod Mission in the Philippines. What rich rewards ahead of each of their lives. Jordan entered the MTC in Provo 16 February 2005. He flew out of Salt Lake City Utah 18 April 2005 on his way to the Philiipines. Our prayers and blessing are with you. Our first grandsons to serve a mission.
March 2005
Bret and Sue, Craig, Cindy and Brittney came for the Nascar  races , after the Sunday races they all came back to the house along with Cozette and Tyler for a wonderful birthday dinner.

We arrived in Idaho on Mother’s Day, Kami had us over for a wonderful homecoming dinner, and the greatest part was Cache, and Logan as well as Mercedes were all there, it was great.

Jim has had infection all winter and has had a total of five scopes and byopsy done and the final outcome was 27 May 2005 a surgery to remove the infected part of his lower left lung, he was in ICU for five days, has been home a month now, but still has a steep mountain to climb. (After four months, he did do some better).

June 2005 as of the 11th of this month my sister Peggy and Shelley came for a visit, Shelley had a stroke later this year, left three fingers curled up, not good. Lots of prayers for her.

August 2005 Had “Garage Carpet installed in the car port, as Jim has spent the entire summer sitting on his lawn chair there, it looks very nice, cost over $500.00. Hope it holds up.

September 2005 My cousin Terry / Arlene Krausz came for two nights from Canada to visit. Also had a very special visit from Rex Peterson for Jim, he knew him is school 50 years aga. What a special moment in time.
Got a new OVEN for my birthday from Bret and Sue, mine wore out the hinges. Thanks.

October 2005 Cozette and Tyler and Colton, Carson, Landon and Dustin came to glean potatoes, it rained, we made doughnuts, FUN!!
Colton Freckleton was made an EAGLE Scout 29 October 2005; Good job.


Bret has met and dating Hollie Hayes, she came for Christmas and New Years, we also met her darling children Harrison and Madison. This is good news, Bret will come back to church. This is a miracle! We have prayed for this.

1 Jan 2006 Dustin Freckleton turned eight years old, he is our miracle baby.
7 Jan 2006 Dustin Freckleton was baptized by his father Tyler, GRAND event.

06 May 2006 Lorraine got a new “Microwave” for Mother’s Day cost $100.00
14 May Cache Baker made the rank of EAGLE SCOUT, Jim presented the US flag to him in honor of a fallen soldier.
17 May 2006 Cache Baker “Graduated” from Sugar Salem High School, wonderful night for all. So PROUD of him. By 19 May 2006 Cache Baker drove by himself to Davenport Iowa to install alarm systems for APEX. A hard lesson in life.

15 May 2006 Jim and I were in William Forsberg’s office and closed on the 24.88 acres of PLANO farm ground total cost $69,000.00 as we had to pay $2750.00 per acre, to aunt Jannett Fuhriman’s three children, John Linda and Janet:   What a challenge, but I am delighted beyond words.
Robinson Creek 2 acres sold for $50,000.00 and that was a “tender mercy” in a BIG way, it helped us pay the loan on the Plano farm ground, it was a MIRACLE for us. That closing was 30 June to a young couple in Wyoming.

6 August 2006 Carson James Freckleton was ordained a “TEACHER” by his father Tyler, good job Carson:

25 August 2006 MAIN EVENT Bret and Hollie were married: YEH!! We have a son that is married after all these years.

George Steele Letter and Family Information

In September 1999 Mr. Wayne Chandler, 747 N. Standage, Mesa, Arizona came to visit James (Jim) and Lorraine Steel in Parker Idaho. Wayne Chandler's direct line is Mary Steel born 17 April 1863 ( different date than our records show). Mr. Chandler had read the following letter, but not knowing the details of the Steel family joining the LDS church in Scotland and coming to America, it meant nothing to him. So read on . . .

This letter was written by Frances Baker 270 Reed Avenue, Salt Lake City Utah on 21 December 1973

Several years have passed since I solicited your help in regard to Scottish research on the Steele and Morton ancestry. The delay in making a report is much regretted.

I was not successful in having the tombstone search made, as I found out that the person who was going to make these searches in Scotland was not reliable and honest, according to reports received by the Genealogy Society after 26 years of service, and I did no research and wrote no letters for a long time. I was away from the city for over a year and very few letters were forwarded in spite of the forwarding addresses I left with the Post Office. I am now pleased to make the following report of the hundreds of research hours I spent on these lines prior to my illness, and hope the family will be pleased with this.

The following parishes have been searched from their dates of origin to 1854 as microfilmed by the Genealogical Society: Auchinbeck, Beith, Craigie, Dreghorn, Dundonald, Dunlop, Fenwich, Galston, Kilmaurs, Kilmarnock, Riccarton, Sorn, Stewarton (all in Ayrshire). These surnames were extracted: Dunlo[p, Stevenston (Stinson), Steel , Boyd, Fulton, Mack, Morton, Hill, Humphrey, Curry, and Craig. My typewritten manuscript was accepted by the Society instead of my having to transfer the information to the individual entry forms and I have received back, print - out packages over six inches high of completed work. Hundreds of sheets were submitted prior to the new system from Renfrewshire from the parishes of Abbey, Paisley, Loudoun and Greenock.

In 1870, 1874 and 1876 baptisms for the dead were performed in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, by Alexander Steele, Agnes Steel Hill and Jane Hill ( see Book B, pages 313, 314; In Book E, page 231; Book G, page 211). These records are very meager - - - no places of birth were recorded and only a few dates; but the names and relationships have been valuable in furnishing a foundation for establishing a pedigree and family ties.

Of special interest was a letter received from Aunt Annie Johnson of Provo Utah ( written in 1904 in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts by George Steele (born 1840 the 13th child in his family), brother of Agnes Steele ( the 9th child) and James Steele (he being the 11th child). I quote this verbatim:

"233 Prospect St,. Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 21, 1904.

To my dear niece Miss Annie Baker. I received your very sad note announcing the death of your Mother and my Dear Sister Agnes.... it gave me quite a Shock not expecting any such long was she sick and did she suffer very much. I have heard that they do...those that take pneumonia... and did she know she was going through the valley, or was she insensible of it...O my Dear departed Sister Agnes. I had always an idea that I would see her again in this vale before either of us had crossed the Jordan, but alas it has been ordered otherwise. well she is gone, and I will reverence her memory...for she was like a Mother to me when I was a thoughtless we laddie...and when seas had rolled between us. I in Scotland and my Sister Agnes in Lawrence . . . a few years after when we met again she fell on my neck and cried with joy, and I did the same . . . it a long time since then Just 47 years this month...when she left Lawrence with Brother Alex (Alexander, born 1824 child number 3, and wife Margaret) and Margaret his Wife . . . I think it was in 1859 . . . I felt bad about them going of so kept out of the way and did not bid them goodbye I have felt sorry about it many times since then I had ought to have seen them of . . . Salt Lake in them days was far out of the world not much correspondence . . . however after a good many years Agnes wrote me a letter, which I did not get, and of course could not answer it, not to be beat she wrote again which I got, and we have corresponded more or less ever since she most of the time writing twice for my once . . . which showed the great interest she had for her youngest brother, many a lecture or sermon she has given me in her letters, her anxiety for me wishing me to become one of the faithful, was all in all to her . . . good bye my Dear departed Sister good bye till we meet again in the great here after . . .and let us hope in the home of the Redeemed. I will add no more hopping you all have recovered somewhat from your sad bereavement, I remain, Your Affectionate Uncle George Steele "

I had hoped to find more records preserved by the various members of the family, but this does not show some things of interest concerning the youngest son of Hamilton Steele and Jane or Jean Morton.

signed by

Frances Baker

Details of George Steele written by Jim and Lorraine Steel 6 April 2006, in hopes we can help explain some family ties and differences:

George Steele born 24 May 1840 in Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland. George died 3 September 1911 in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, USA, was buried 5 September 1911 in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. He married Elizabeth Lee on 29 September 1862 in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts, USA (just days before he left to serve in the Civil War).
We know from a letter written by George Steele in 1904 in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts to Annie Johnson of Provo Utah and Annie was a niece to George, that George had already left Scotland before he had a chance to hear the truth of the LDS church missionaries, and accept the gospel. George arrived in Boston and found work in the woolen and cotton mills there. He was anxious to have his family in Scotland, come join him and find employment there with him. Try to visualize here that George is the 13th child in this special family. So he came to USA at about age 20, as I (Lorraine Steel) have record of George Steel in the 1870 census taken 21 June 1870, and he was 29 years of age;
The George Steel story was told to Jim and Lorraine Steel that the Steel family made arrangements to come to United States, the plan was they would stop and visit George in Boston, possibly even stay and find work there. But the Steel family had joined the LDS church in Scotland, and money being a great concern, were faced with a dilemma, that of with their arrival in the USA, not having money to get to Utah. At this time they were given the chance to take advantage of the "immigration fund" of the church, so with that in mind, they could now make the trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. So they felt they had no other choice but to count this as a blessing and continue on to Utah. Not being able to stop and visit George. From here we gather the STRONG feelings of the STEEL'S, some may go so far to call it stubbornness . . . Feelings were hurt, and George found it hard to reach out to his Mormon family members. I (Lorraine) hesitate to add lib much information here, as I just need to have you read the letter from George which is written verbatim, and you make your own conclusions.

For me (Lorraine Steel) finding the many avenues George Steele traveled in this earth life, I have a great love in my heart for him and his wife Elizabeth and their children William and Elizabeth as well as his grandchildren. Having been a small part of having some of this temple work done for his extended family. I have had such beautiful spiritual experiences, that I feel I know each one of them, and can say I look forward to the day I will meet each of them. My feeling is that this is the gospel in it's fullness, that our hearts will be turned to our families".

Might I close by saying Thank You for allowing Jim and I to be a part of all these wonderful "tender mercies".

Lorraine Steel

April 2006

Please forgive me if I do not have every detail correct.